PKA MPLS VPN offers versatile feature including:

  • Dedicated Bandwidth: Contrary to other VPN solutions which are dependent on internet connection, MPLS VPNs can offer dedicated bandwidth, completely independent from your internet connection.
  • Speed, Speed and Speed: MPLS is a technology designed for speed. with our MPLS VPNs you can have up to 1 Gb/s dedicated bandwidth with much lower latency time.
  • Outsourced routing: By using our MPLS VPN service, we will be responsible for the routing between your different networks around the world.
  • Security: Apart from your applications encryption, MPLS VPN offers dedicated path for your traffic, hence higher levels of security will be achieved.
  • 24/7 Monitoring: Our NOC (Network Operations Center) will monitor your connection 24/7. We will follow up and fix any issues with your MPLS VPN before you even notice.